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My name Jimmy Tran and I’m the founder of Jimmy Tran Company, a personal development, and personal branding company. I’m a personal development & personal branding expert, internet marketer, social entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Through this blog, I’m 100% committed to sharing my real life experienced to help startup entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes, failures to achieve lasting personal and business transformation. I obsessed with personal development and entrepreneurship since I was a little kid. From a young age, I believed everything is possible with a strong believe and consistent actions. Throughout my life, I have worked in a wide variety of businesses, from retail to E-commerce, and launched many entrepreneurial ventures. I experienced many up and down, trial error and test so many things out there to see what works. I struggle and learning the hard way to be successful. I didn’t have any business mentor or successful friends during that time to show me the blueprint for success in life and business So, I have spent thousands of hour’s self-obsessed study hundreds of books in personal development, sales, marketing, leadership and attend countless hours of seminar & workshop and online courses. I learn a lot of valuable lessons and skills that now I’m ready to share it with you through this blog and the Jimmy Tran Company. I created “Jimmy Tran Company” , a personal development & personal branding company to help startup entrepreneurs achieve lasting success in their personal and business life. I strongly believe in the power of Giving. Caring . Transparent in my personal branding to help startup entrepreneurs. Let go out there everyday to Listen More. Learn More. Give More.

Free Ultimate Life Transformation

Get free videos training & proven templates of how you can create a compelling vision, double your productivity & have an insane productive morning.


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