5 Signs You will be Rich One Day

5 Signs You Will Be Rich

    SUMMARY 1. Have a desperate Reason Why 2. Big Ambition & Desire to be wealthy, to do big thing 3. Invest in Yourself. Hire the right coach & mentor. All highly wealthy people have the right mentor or coach 4. Take Imperfect Action Quickly without knowing all the answer 5. Commit to Mastery…

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How To Create Lasting Change

how to create lasting change

Summary How to create lasting change. Do you have a bad habit or a mindsets that you want to change for years but you are struggling to make the change and the transformation in your life because it so hard. Here are five simple ideas you can do right now to create lasting change in…

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The 4 Real Reasons You are Broke

The 4 real reasons you are broke

SUMMARY: Here are the 4 real reasons you are broke and what can you do about it. 1. Invest in Expense & Materialistic Things ( Instead of invest in personal growth, knowledge and mentor or business) 2. Know it all and hate to learn new things – Learn to listen more. Learn more. Give More…

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Top 4 Mistakes of Why Most Entrepreneurs Still Broke

Top 4 mistakes why most entrepreneurs still broke_tn

SUMMARY: 1. Attract to Shiny Object 2. Not Commit to Mastery  – Want fast result.. Instant Gratification. Not discipline to put in the work.. 3. Perfection – Keep on learning but no execution. Wait for perfect moment 4. Attract to Free Stuff. Don’t Value Their Time Like this video and blog post ? Please share…

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The Moment When I Want To Give Up

Moment When I Want To Give Up_Sm

FULL TRANSCRIPT The Moment You Grow is the Moment That You Want To Give Up. Like this video and blog post ? Please share it ! I can keep this blog and all my videos ad-free and sponsor-free ONLY because you share my work ! Please share or subscribe to my Youtube Channel too Want…

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3 Ways To Master Self Discipline Focus Productivity

SUMMARY One of the biggest benefit as an entrepreneur is you are your our own boss, you have no one to control you. But at the same this is one of the biggest challenge that we face everyday as an entrepreneur, it is self discipline focus and productivity. So in this video, I want to…

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