10 Secret to Productivity Hacks



I received this questions all the time from young entrepreneurs and a lot of my students asking what can they do to increased their focus and maximize their productivity so they can get the best result in their life and business. Well in this video, I want to share with you the top 10 secrets to productivity hacks, and this is just a part of my paid training in  “ The Entrepreneur Fast Track “program that I will launch in a week. So let jump right into my computer, and I show you how.

Top 10 Secrets To Productivity Hacks :

Secret 1.   Accomplish 3 most important tasks every-day no matter what

  • Focus on the most challenging , important task first

Secret 2.  60- 60- 30 Principle

  • Focus on single given task for 60 minute straight, break 15 min. Then 60 minutes, break 15 min. Then 30 minutes, break 15 min
  • Practice Self Discipline Muscle

Secret 3.  80-20 Rule

  • What are 20% of people, activities in your business give 80% of results.
  • Focus on what matter most

Secret 4.  Parkinson Law

  • Compress/Shorten Deadline to fast-track your goal/success. Help to ensure you not allow more energy and time than you should.
  • Create more focus and force you to complete work on time

Secret 5.   Speed of Implementation

  • Take action quickly and avoid perfection

Secret 6.  Eliminate

  • Unproductive activity, Low value activity
  • Answer random phone call, reply to random text, gossip, browsing, complaint

Secret 7.  Batching & Chunking

  • Group the similar activities together to easily manage and save time
  •  Ex. From 2pm-3pm, check and reply email, answer phone call, Facebook reply

Secret 8. Automate

  • How can you use software, technology to help to automate things instead of doing manually?
  • Automation is a fast and smart way to scale thing up quickly
  • My Membership Site- It automate the entire process when people purchase

Secret 9.  Delegate & Outsource

  • Hire someone to do the work for you
  • The only different between Delegate and Outsource is oversea.
  • Delegate & outsource your weakness and anything you not enjoy or good at

Secret 10. Focus and Concentrate

  • Always Focus on Things that give you the highest return in your business and life
  • These are the things that you have to do yourself and can’t delegate or outsource
  • Product Creation (make this videos training), Shoot Video for Youtube, Internet Marketing, Speaking, Exercise, Networking

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