One of the biggest benefit as an entrepreneur is you are your our own boss, you have no one to control you. But at the same this is one of the biggest challenge that we face everyday as an entrepreneur, it is self discipline focus and productivity.

So in this video, I want to give you the 3 ways to master your self discipline, focus and productivity so you can faster achieve your goal.

1. The first way to master your self discipline, focus and productivity is apply the 60-60- 30 principle.

2. The second way is discipline yourself to focus complete three important task every day no matter what. And these are the three most important task you must do that help move you toward your weekly goal and that weekly goal help you move toward your monthly goal and that monthly goal help you achieve your goal goal.

3. The third way is you have to check out “ The Mastery Journal” from John Lee Dumas. He is the creator the top 10 podcast for Entrepreneurs. In this Mastery Journal, John pretty much give you all the secrets that I learned by spend over 20k dollars over the years to master self discipline, focus and productivity. And he put it in a very simple format that is so easy to understand. If you know about me, I’m super obsess with productivity, focus and self discipline because this is the main ingredient we need to become a successful entrepreneur. So guy, if you serious to take your life and business to the next level. If truly want to master your self discipline, your focus and productivity within the next 100 days.

You have to check out and purchase the “ The Mastery Journal “ right now. It literally less than $40 dollars. If there is one product, you must purchase as an entrepreneur, THIS IS THE PRODUCT.

So make sure you apply the 60-60-30 principle, get your 3 most important task done every day and purchase “ The Mastery Journal” and apply. And if you just do these three things, you will see a dramatic change in your life and business.

Until then, go out there every single day to listen more. Learn more and give more.

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