How to Make a Professional WordPress Website Tutorial – Video 1 – Purchase Hosting & Domain Name |Install WordPress

In this training you will learn How to Make a Professional WordPress Website For Free – 2016 – A Step by Step Website Tutorial in one hour even when you have no knowledge of how to program or coding. This tutorial will show you the step by step how to create a wordpress website from…

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How to Create a Super Productive Daily Ritual

SUMMARY Through this “ Success Discipline Ritual, “ you will learn how to “ create a super productive daily ritual.” That mean every single day and week you will be very productive and get a lot of important things done to help you move toward your ultimate goal. Below is the step by step and…

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How To Create a High Traffic Title for your Blog Post and Youtube Video

How to create high traffic title for your blog post and youtube video

Summary How To Create a High Traffic Title for your Blog Post and Youtube Video Step 1: Find the top 3 Blogs & Youtube channel in your niches for ideas – Ex.,, – Browse for ideas – Find popular topics = Most Share, Comment and View ) – Write down several popular…

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How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety in 3 Simple Steps

How to overcome fear & anxiety

Summary How to overcome fear and anxiety in 3 simple steps : Step 1:  Practicing your fear. Understand what type of fear that you have. And make the decision today to practice that fear. The key does not try to be perfect. It is almost impossible for you to be perfect at anything if you…

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6 Steps On How To Motivated Yourself in Tough Times

How to motivate yourself

SUMMARY 6 steps on how to motivated yourself in tough times Hello, everyone, this is Jimmy Tran. And In this video, I’m going to talk about – how do you motivated yourself to achieve your goal when the time is tough, when the struggle is getting hard or when you totally lose and don’t know…

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The Power of Habit : 7 Secrets To Build A Powerful Habit That Stick

7 secrets to build a powerful habit

Summary The Power of Habits: 7 Secrets to Build A Powerful Habit That Stick Have you try to break an old bad habit that you have for many years because you know this bad habit prevent you from achieving your higher potential in life. And you have tried a lot of different methods and technique,…

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