Stay Focus In Your Own Lane

SUMMARY Stay Focus In Your Own Lane . Understand your unique gift and stay in your own lane until you become successful. Here’s a problem that I see right now in the marketplace and I get this question all the time from different people they asking like how can we stay focus in our own…

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3 Simple Steps To Gain More Self Discipline

SUMMARY 1) Commit 30 Days To Something That You Hate But Benefit You ( Reading. Take An Online Course , follow through and finished it, Running in the morning ) 2)  60-60-30 Formula 3) Repeat Step 1 and 2 Bonus step: Purchase The Mastery Journal at Like this video and blog post ? Please…

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THE MASTERY JOURNAL ( How To Master Productivity, Discipline, and Focus in 100 Days )

SUMMARY: Hello Entrepreneurs and my wonderful Facebook Friends This is Jimmy Tran and I want to ask you a quick honest questions. Are you currently struggling right now with productivity, self discipline and focus to get important things done in your life or business ?  As an entrepreneur, we tend to easily get distract by…

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How To Start Something That Matter ( No Matter How Small )

Start Something that matter from Jimmy Tra

FULL TRANSCRIPT: NO MATTER HOW SMALL, START SOMETHING THAT MATTER I strongly believe that everyone can start something that matter, no matter how small you are right now in your life or business. So If you have a dream and desire deep inside of you that maybe one day you want to become a motivational…

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How To Set Goal For New Year 2017

SUMMARY: How to set goal for new year 2017.. This is Jimmy Tran here and I’m super excited to be with you today. So 2017 is here.. Right now is the beginning of 2017, and we all have this big goal, big dream and all the new year resolution that we want to accomplish by…

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10 Secret to Productivity Hacks


SUMMARY : I received this questions all the time from young entrepreneurs and a lot of my students asking what can they do to increased their focus and maximize their productivity so they can get the best result in their life and business. Well in this video, I want to share with you the top…

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