How To Create a High Traffic Title for your Blog Post and Youtube Video

Step 1: Find the top 3 Blogs & Youtube channel in your niches for ideas

– Ex.,,
– Browse for ideas
– Find popular topics = Most Share, Comment and View )
– Write down several popular title on Notepad, Microsoft word or Blank Paper
– Try To Make Better & Update Version

Step 2:  Google Search for Ideal Keyword Title
– Copy and Paste Top 3-5 Title of blog with link from Google to Notepad

Step 3:
            – Search for competition and Monthly Search
– Type Blog Post & Youtube Title to track demand
– Record the Potential Title in Notepad | Microsoft Word

Step 4: for Title keyword
             – Copy and paste Top 3-5 title most view to Notepad

Step 5: Go to
or for trend topic
 Find Popular Topic related to your Blog Post with most shared
– Copy and Paste Title to Notepad
– Make a better & update version of it.

Step 6: Finalize the Title for Blog & Youtube

– Look at all the potential title from blog, google and youtube and pick out top 3 titles
– Customize that top 3 titles with your own touch
ex. How to, Tutorial or Training
–  Then Post top 3 titles to your Facebook Profile |Page to select the winner ( Optional)
– You want to engage with your audience

Bonus Tip:

Bonus #1 : = help to quickly find keyword that not available in Google keyword planner and suggest keyword ideas for SEO, PPC.
– You can also install the Ubersuggest free keyword search on your Google Chrome or Firefox by click here

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    2 replies to "How To Create a High Traffic Title for your Blog Post and Youtube Video"

    • Trista Signe Ainsworth

      This is a great post Jimmy! It is wonderful to know that there is a process for choosing titles. Thank you for letting us know how you do this. I appreciate the help.

      • Jimmy Tran

        Thanks @tristasigneainsworth:disqus .. I just update the youtube video with more detail instruction. I hope this help.. Thanks so much for your comment..

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