How To Find Your Mission In Life

how to Find your mission in life


Did you know one of the worst place to be in life is when you have no clue with your life mission is ?
Have you ever wonder how do you really find your real purpose and mission in life? People ask me this questions all the time. Well I have some good news for you today.

Here are the two simple steps of How to Find Your Mission In Life.

Step one: Define Your Mission in Life  : Who Am I ? What life is really about ? Why I’m here on this planet? What do you want to become in Life?

Step two:  List down the things you love and passion about ?
– Coaching Startup Entrepreneur & Small business owner
-Reading Personal Development Book
– Creating Personal Development & Marketing Video- Something like this to impact live
– Help People in need
– Traveling
– Provide Clean Water. But you get the point

In the next video I’m going to share with you the step by step of how you find your talent, your strength, the thing that you really good at. Then connect your talent with your Life Mission, the thing that you love doing. Now go out there every single day to listen more. Learn more. Give more

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