How to Master Your Strength

How to master your strength


Here are the 5 tips on how to master your strength

1. Understand your strength

2.  Read 5 to 10 books about your strength

3. Find 3 podcasts or Youtube channel listen and watch daily to improve on your strength

4. Learn. Do and Teach

5. Hired a coach or find a mentor to take a look at what you doing and help you to improve.

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So people ask me all the time how do you master your strength or your talent what is the fastest way to master the strength and the talent that we have. So in this video I want to make a short video to give you the top five tips that you can master your talent and your strength today.

So the first key in master your talent , your strength is you have to identify your talents and strengths as soon as possible.What is the thing that you really really good at so if you don’t know what you’re really good at. Pay attention to your friends or your family or strangers that normally call you and ask you about certain type of subject or advice all right. Maybe in school you have people that reach out to you and ask you about a certain subject that they think you’re really good at. So pay attention to that but if you haven’t watched one of my youtube video that i talked in depth about how to find the talent. Click on the link above and spend a little minute and watch that video how to find your strengths and talents. ┬áSo the first key is to understand your strength and talent.

Second thing is when you understand your strength and your talent and what do you really good at. The next thing that you want to do is you want to go into amazon or and you can go to barnes noble and purchase 5-10 books that relate to your strength. Don’t purchase different kind of subjects that you’re not really good at. Purchase something that you really want to master.What are the strengths that you do that you good at but you’re not the best yet. Spend the time and purchase those books and start to study as soon as possible maybe you can try to dedicate one week or two weeks to finish one book and after that continue your journey to master your strength or maybe some sort of skills that you think you could be good at if you put in the time then spend the time to master those kind of skills.

The third things is after you purchase the book.. what you want to do is you want to find 3 to 5 podcasts or youtube channel. So it’s all depend so do you like to listen or do you like to watch videos so you know when you start to drive in your car. Instead of you listen to radio, try to tune into the podcast that relates to your strength let’s say if i want to master a strength in marketing right so if I start to drive to different location instead of listening to radio i can start to turn on to my podcast in my android or iphone and start to listen to those podcast and start to learn. So podcast is definitely a good way for you to start to strength your talent. Other thing is youtube channel, youtube channel is something that you can watch at home while you have free time or you can walk at a parking start watching youtube videos so whatever way try to find three podcasts or youtube channel and start to focus in your subject.

The fourth thing is you have to learn. So the first step you already done. learn.. learn to read books, learn to listen to podcast, learn to listen to youtube videos. Learn to identify your strengths. But when you learn all those things, what you need to do is you need to start to practice, you got to start doing it right. Apply those kind of things that you learn in your books. Apply those things you listen from podcast and applying it in your daily life. After you apply it what you need to do is you start to teach. You need to start the create videos something like this and start to teach what you learn to other people. Cause the only time that you actually embrace something, that you actually learn is when you actually have to learn it, you do it, and you have to start to teach back to other people that’s how our human being is really embraced and learn the material so you have to start to teach back.

So the fifth step is after you go to step number one to number four now you need to start to hire a coach or mentor and ask them to give you feedback on the subject that surround your strength, ask them to give you some idea of how can you improve yourself in the area of your strength. Because your coach and your mentor that already been there they understand exactly what it takes to become the best right so ask them for advice of what kind of thing that you can do today to improve even further sometime when we learn everything ourselves we can only reach to a certain level so we hit a plateau so you need to find a coach to able to help you and help you break through the plateau. Help you to reach to the next level.

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