6 steps on how to motivated yourself in tough times

Hello, everyone, this is Jimmy Tran. And In this video, I’m going to talk about – how do you motivated yourself to achieve your goal when the time is tough, when the struggle is getting hard or when you totally lose and don’t know what to do.
Here are the six steps that I used to sustain my motivation in tough times, and I hope it will help you.

 Step 1)  “ Find a quiet place to reflect “.
Think of a time in your life or business, when you try everything that you can and the thing just didn’t work out the way that you want it to be. I still remember there a point of time in my life three years ago, when I try to do everything that I can to keep my printing business open. And finally, unexpected problems happened that cause us to exit the printing business because we just can’t renew the contract with the landlord. So I felt frustrate, lost and didn’t know what the heck am I going to do with my life & business during that time. Here is what I did that help me to turn thing around.. So I stop everything that I’m doing. Put my phone on airplane mode, remove all the distraction. And I go to the stone mountain by myself and find a really “quiet place to reflect.” And I start asking myself the questions like.. What is great about this problem? What can I learn from this? What is my purpose in life? So when I start to ask these type of questions, opportunities start to appear. My biggest lesson take away is the bigger the problem you encounter and able to overcome, that mean the stronger you will become. Long story short because of all the problem that happened to me and I appreciated the problem that why It leads me & my brother to open a Non-profit organization that provides clean water to children worldwide and me standing right here create this motivation video & blog post for you.
Just Remember when one door is closed there always another better door is open up for you. You just have to always appreciate the problem to see the light.

Step 2) Review, write down and visualize your goal every day.
One of the reasons why a lot of people does not yet achieve their goal because they do not fall in love with their goal enough. They not desperate want it enough. If you want to stay motivated to achieve your goal. You must have your number one goal display in your office, in your room and anywhere in your house that you can see every day. Every morning when you wake up, I want you to write out one sentence of your specific goal before you begin work on any project. Write your goal out fifty times on a piece of paper and repeat that goal over and over in your mind. And visualize in your mind of how it makes you feel when you able to accomplish that goal. What can you do and where can you go? This exercise will take you around 10 minutes to 15 minutes to complete and it super powerful.  Have you ever watch a motivation video on Youtube or attend a seminar then  get you fire up, but then a few hours later or days later, you just totally forget about it.  To leverage the power of motivation, you have to listen to it, see it and do it daily. It just like you going to a shooting range, you have to see your target in order to hit it accurately.. So If you don’t see your goal daily, you will miss it and forgot about it.

Step 3) Get one thing done each day
Get one thing done each day that help to move you toward your major goal. What are that one important task or mini goal that you can accomplish today no matter what, no excuse that could help move you toward your weekly goal and monthly goal? If you can accomplish at least one important task per day and try to do it consistent for one month, two months and over time. You will see the power of compound effect. I still remember last few years when I really hate reading, and I have never finished read a book in my life. However, I start to realize a lot of wealthy successful people have the habit to ready every day.  So I set my goal of reading twelve books relate to personal development & Marketing in 3 months. Instead of focus to read a book a day or a book in one week. I set out to read 20 page for one hour each day and do it consistent for three months. And by the end of three months, I can’t believe I complete 12 books. Now I develop a habit of reading one hr every day no matter what. The key is to do a small little action each day and do it consistent over time to gain major result.

Step 4 )  Join a positive community
Find a positive community online or offline that align with your goal to involve in. Having a positive community is so important because they help to motivate you on your goal. And give your constructive feedback so you can growth your mind and business. For online there are many positive community on Facebook Group that you can join. Offline you can search on Meetup or join a class. Just find a group that you feel connect with and get involve online and offline.

Step 5 ) Get a Coach or a Mentor
Get a “Coach or a Mentor “ to motivate you in the tough time. This is probably my favorite. A coach or mentor is someone that have much more experienced than you in the area that you try to accomplish because he had been there before you and knew exactly what it takes to get there. Having a coach can help you reach your goal much faster. And he could hold you accountable when you feel like quitting… Just think about this, have you ever try to go to the gym try to gain some muscle or try to lose some weight and you do this by yourself or with your friend… And you do it for 1 to 6 months and just didn’t get much results. And you wonder why you didn’t get the result that you want after all the effort you put in. The truth is that you just didn’t doing it consistent enough and most important you doing it incorrectly. If you have a coach, he could quickly take a look at what you are doing, tell you what wrong and just offer you a few advice that will save you a ton of time and get you the result that you within a short amount of time because he had been there. So if you are interested in getting whatever the result that you want whether it is in a relationship, online business or Stay fit. Make sure to get a coach or a mentor in that area. Stop try to save money and spent on the cloth that you don’t need or attend party that is unnecessary. Use that money to hire a coach and I promise you, it will change your life.

So remember when you are facing a tough time in your life and feel like giving up.  Number one, You need to remove yourself from all the distraction by finding a quite place just by yourself to reflect the problem, the lesson you learn from it. Next please do me a favor by review and write down and visualize your goal every day. You have to see it, feel it and do it before it could become a reality. Number three is stop doing too many things. Try to “ Get only one important thing done each day “  that help to move you toward your major goal.  Number four join a positive community that motivates and support you on your journey, just like this community right here. The last thing is to get a coach to hold you accountable, motivated you in difficult time so you can achieve your goal.  If you follow and apply all of the steps above, you will be able to overcome a lot of challenge in your life and will able to sustain your motivation every day.

I hope you enjoy the video. However, if you would like to learn more about the Step 6 of how to sustain your motivation during a tough time. I have step 6 as a bonus to help you to double your motivation to accomplish anything that you want. Just check out my blog in the link or description below for details. Until then go out there every single day to listen more. Learn more. Give more.

Bonus : Step 6 ) “ Consume Motivational Content Daily
The last thing that you could do to motivate yourself during the difficult time is to “ consume motivation content daily”.  For example, I spend one hour every day in the morning to read book relate to personal development or Marketing. Reading stories of successful people, about the mindset, the habits, the strategies. This gives me the fuel, the power, the motivation to tackle the challenge that gets in my way. Another thing that I usually do is listen to success podcast like entrepreneur on fire, school of greatness, Brendon Burchard whenever I drive in the car. The key is you need to fill your mind with motivation content daily whether is through reading, podcast or youtube motivational video. It is just like driving a car, your car could be in a excellent condition, however without gas, the car couldn’t  run properly.. Listen to Motivation content daily is like having injected full gas tank into your car daily. So if you want to be successful and stay motivated. You need to start reading at least 30 minutes per day or listen to the youtube video or try to listen to a motivational podcast while you are driving in your car. Stop listen to the radio or watching gossip TV that didn’t add much value to your life.

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    • Trista Ainsworth

      This is a great post Jimmy! I agree with everything that you said here. I love that you turned your business failure into a blessing by starting your non-profit. That is so inspiring!

      • Jimmy Tran

        Hello Trista.. Thank you for taking your time to comment. Every problem normally have a hidden opportunities in there. It just the matter of how we look at the problem to turn it into an opportunity.

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