How To Set Goal For New Year 2017


How to set goal for new year 2017.. This is Jimmy Tran here and I’m super excited to be with you today. So 2017 is here.. Right now is the beginning of 2017, and we all have this big goal, big dream and all the new year resolution that we want to accomplish by the end of 2017 right ? But here is the biggest problem, do you that 92% percent of people that have big dream and goal for the new year and finally fail to achieve their new year resolution at the end of the year according to Forbes ? Why is that ?

Well in this video I want to give you 4 tips of why you fail to achieve your goal and what you can start to doing immediately to make your 2017 your best year ever.

1. A Desperate Reason Why

2. Focus on just #1 goal
– Make sure your goal is very specific and include just 3-5 specific steps you need to take to achieve that goal-  (Specific Goal & Action Steps )

3. Daily Visualization and Daily Goal

4. Track & Measure Progress Weekly & Monthly

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How to set goal for New Year 2017 and this is Jimmy Tran here. I’m super super excited to be with you today. So right now is to begin up 2017 and we are have this big dream and goal that we want to accomplish by the end up 2017 right but here’s the biggest problem that i see. Do you realize that 92% of the people who have big dream and goal. They finally end up didn’t accomplish their goal at the end of the year and this thing is according to Forbes and INC and why is that ? So this video i want to give you the top four reasons why most people fail to accomplish their goal and what can you do right now to make your 2017 will be your best year ever.

The first reason why most people fail to accomplish their goal for 2017 or in general they fail to accomplish that goal is they have a goal that they want to accomplish and they set goal, they get excited but then they don’t have a ” Desperate Reason Why” , most people have a why but they don’t have a desperate reason why. So when they try to go in the new year resolution, they get pumped up and they start to work on their goal and throughout the journey, throughout the way, their bodies start to feel uncomfortable they experience struggle and what happened is that their body and their brain telling them it is ok you don’t have to push yourself so hard to accomplish goal. That is alright. So most people they take their goal really easy but if you have a desperate reason why do you want to doing it. If you don’t accomplish your goal what would happened to you. What kind of pain would you feel. If your pain is bigger than your goal then you’re able to accomplish that goal. Okay is that makes sense so you have to have a desperate reason why and I remember in this movie that I watched last week if you hit rock bottom there is only one way to go it is going up. If you hit rock bottom there’s only one way to go it’s going up and that is very important for you to accomplish your goal and dream you have a desperate why that is associated with alot of pain that caused you to take action every single day to achieve that goal.

Big idea number two is we try to focus on too many goals. So one of the reason why we not able to achieve our goal by the end of the year and especially for the new year resolution is we set so many goal right. We want to achieve the best health ever. We want to have the best relationship and we want to accomplish our financial goal, spiritual everything but the problem here is our human mind we cannot able to handle so many different distraction so when we have too many goal. We going to end up to divide our focus time and we going to end up to spread ourselves too thin. If you ask yourself this question is if you can accomplish your number goal in 2017. What would that be ? If you can accomplish just one goal in 2017 what would it be and you want to focus on that focus on that one particular goal until you’re able to achieve that goal then you move on to the next one alright so the idea is to focus on one goal at a time and you ask yourself this question is when you find out that one goal. Ask yourself what is the 3-5 specific steps that you need to take to achieve that goal. No more than five. Just write down the 3-5 specific steps that you need to do and take a look at it and you understand right away to achieve that goal and start to focus on that. That Idea number two.

Idea number three that I want to talk to you about is daily visualization and daily goal. If you think about this when is the last time that you set a goal and every single day when you wake up you start to visualize goal. You think about your goal every single day you visualize about it. You meditate how your goal able to become the reality. When is the last time you doing that so in order for you to achieve your number one goal whether is in fitness, in health or in financial. You have to wake up every single day and obsessed with you goal and think about it every single day it’s like you water your goal every single day for the tree to grow ok and so the idea here is you have to visualize you goal every single day if you don’t do that that’s why a lot of you to have a goal and after one month two month. They lost their motivation you know when they run into struggle and they start to give up on their dream and their goal because they haven’t really visualize their goal every single day. Visualization of your goal give you motivation and it sustain your motivation. Really really important and within the number three is beside visualization on your goal you have to write down your goal every single day. When is the last time that you write down your goal I know sometimes during the New Year’s you write down your goal then after that a month later you may write out some of the goal but after that you start to get off track and you don’t write down your goal. It’s very important to visualize you goal and write it down every single day what is that number one goal that you want to accomplish when you wake up early in the morning. Write it down every single day on a piece of paper ok ask yourself this question what is the three most important task that you must accomplish today no matter what that help you to move toward your weekly goal and that weekly goal help you to move toward your monthly goal and that monthly goal help you to move toward yearly goal so if every day when you wake up and you do that daily visualization of your goal and you take specific action daily to achieve your weekly goal and that weekly goal lead to monthly goal and that monthly goal lead to yearly goal you able to accomplish your goal.

The four idea is measure the progress of your goal weekly and monthly ask yourself this question when’s the last time that you have a goal and you track down the progress of your goal every week or every single month it’s very hard for you to improve upon your goal. It is really hard for you to make progress if you don’t have a system or if you don’t have a way to track down where are you right now with your goal. So it is really important every single week and month whatever goal that you work on whether financial, physical or your spiritual. You have to have a system where you can download an app down call goaltracker or an excel but make sure you track down your progress and measure it so you can improve upon your goal for next month and the month after that so you’re able to create breakthrough and accomplish your number one goal.

I really hope that you enjoy the four big idea of how to set goal for your 2017. Hope you can take this idea and integrate immediately to your 2017 and make it your best year ever. So if you like this video click the Like and Share button to share your friend so more people can benefit from it. The second thing is please subscribe to my youtube channel so I can continue to make more useful video for you so until then and go out there every single day to Listen More. Learn More and Give More

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