How To Start An Online Business in 2017 ( Even When You are Broke )


How to start an online business in 2017 even if you’re broke, no money, or poor.

I make this video to give you a big picture of how you can start making money online even if you are broke so you don’t have any more excuses of why you not following your passion or start on your online business.

Here are the six fastest ways of making money online even if you are broke, no money or poor.

Like Direct Sale

If you are good in sales or decent or Ok with Direct Sales & Approach then I highly recommend this first Four methods for you..

Start A Digital Marketing Services ( Without an Office, Business Card , Website, Logo , Business License). Make your first sale then invest to perfect those thing.

1. Website Design ( WordPress ) = $3k-$20k
2. Facebook Ad Management = $1500-$5k monthly + $300 dollars ad spend
3. SEO = $1k-$10k/monthly
4. Social Media Management ( Facebook & Instagram ) = $500-$2k/monthly

The key is create service that bring in recurring monthly revenue.. All you need is 6 clients at $1500/month You make over 100k-6 figure per year and able to quit your job

Hate Direct Sale

However, if you are the type of person just like me who hate direct sales and just want to stay at home in your computer or travel but still able make money online. Here are the top 3 ways I recommend to you.

1) Build Your Personal Branding Online ( Most Profitable and Scalable in my opinion )
– Turn your passion, expertise into an online business. You build your digital product around your passion and unique talent. ( This is the best business )
– Requirement is Commit to Mastery. 3 months commitment for it to works. Doesn’t happened overnight. You need patience, persistent and cash flow in reserve.

2 ) Create A Digital Product Online ( Ebook, Online Course, Membership Site, Coaching Business, Software )
– Most profitable business online and easy to scale.
– Recognize problem and create solution into form of digital product.
– Monetize your personal branding into form of Digital Product ( Video Course & Membership Site )

3 ) Affiliate Marketing – selling someone else digital product or physical product in exchange for commission.
– Benefit – you don’t need to create your own product. You just need to sale it online through social media

4 ) Freelancer ( Copywriting, Facebook ad Management, Website Design, Sale Funnel ) . No Control of time, you work at home. You can go on Upwork, Freelancer

5 ) Drop Ship of Physical product ( Shopify, Aliexpress )

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