How To Start Something That Matter ( No Matter How Small )

Start Something that matter from Jimmy Tra



I strongly believe that everyone can start something that matter, no matter how small you are right now in your life or business. So If you have a dream and desire deep inside of you that maybe one day you want to become a motivational speaker, thought leader or open your own business Online . And right now you may have some fear and doubt inside of you that telling yourself.. You need to be an expert to share your message with other people.. You need to become a good speaker in be on camera or on stage.. And you need to have a lot of knowledge and experience to open an online business. Whatever your excuse maybe and it is ok for you to think that way..

But now I want you to take a look at some of the most successful people with million of followers in the personal development and the entrepreneur space today like Tony Robbin, Brendon Burchard, Michelle Phan and Gary Vaynerchuk. What are these people really have in common ? Is that they all have fear but they do it anyway, they take the first step to create their first piece of content whether video or a simple post and they put it out there on their facebook page or their youtube channel or website with zero followers, no credibility , no content..

The only reason why these people have millions of follow right now online is because at one point in their life , they believe that they can do it, and they take the first step, that small little action and they work hard at it consistent over time..

So my point in here is whatever your excuse or  fear maybe , don’t ever let it determine your future.. Go out there today create your personal branding website or  create your facebook page or release your first video to the world… And you do it consistent enough, Eventually you will gain traction and have a real business.. Start something that matter today !

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