How To Turn Your Talent & Passion into a Profitable Dream Business

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Have you ever wonder why there are many people who follow their passion, doing what they love, work really hard but still end up broke and live their life unhappy. These are normally the people who jump from one business to another and keep chasing different shining object.. I’m not going to go into detail here. But One of the main answer that I believe is because  they don’t know exactly what their strength and talent is and plus they don’t know how to connect their talent with a growing business opportunity.

I mean it is ok to do what you love, but do you think it is a better to do what you love and able to build a profitable dream business at the same time. Life is too short for you to settle for less.
So, In this video I’m going to share with you a simple step by step formula of how to Turn Your Talent and passion into a profitable dream business under 5 minute.

In my last video of “ How to Find Your Talent in Life”, I show you how to list down all your talents and skills that you really good at.  Plus I told you list down all the things that you love and passion about.  And I told you to rank your talent and the things you love in priority order.

so If you haven’t watch it yet, go back to the previous video “How to Find Your Talent” and watch it..

Profitable Dream Business Formula

Step 2: Things that you love and Passion about
– Coaching Startup Entrepreneur &Business owners (1)
– Speaking
— Reading personal development books
– Creating Personal Development & Marketing Video & Content to impact & transform other people lives ( 3)
– Help needed people
– Traveling (5)
– Provide Clean Water to kids in need (2)
– My own seminar/live events
– Create Innovative product to impact lives (4)

Step 3: Your Talent/Your Strength = things that you really good at or could be really good at if you put in the time.
– Personal Development Coaching
– Put pieces and plan together from scratch (1)
– Passion and strong belief in what I do (2)
– Genuine care for other people
– Internet Marketing (Skill I could be really good) 3
– RISK Taker. Love to try new things
– Leadership ( Skill I could be really good at)
– Public Speaking ( Skill I could be really good at)
– Product Creation ( Skill I could be really good at) 5
– Very Patience , Persistent and understanding (4)

Step 4:  How to Turn Your Talent and Passion into a profitable dream business
I. Select the top 5 talents & Strength that you really good or could be good at & enjoy
II. Select the top 5 things that you love and passion about.
III. Draw/connect a line from what you love to what you good at
IV. From those Passion & Talent, what do you think people need most ( Dream Business)
V. From those need, what do people pay the most money for ( Profitable Dream Business)

Be Yourself. Be Different and focus on master one only 1 skill set better than anyone else. And master one platform. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Now go out there every single day to Listen More. Learn More. Give More.

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Profitable Dream Business Formula

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