The Power of Habit : 7 Secrets To Build A Powerful Habit That Stick

7 secrets to build a powerful habit


The Power of Habits: 7 Secrets to Build A Powerful Habit That Stick

Have you try to break an old bad habit that you have for many years because you know this bad habit prevent you from achieving your higher potential in life. And you have tried a lot of different methods and technique, and it just didn’t seem to work. And you feel frustrated and just want to give up. I totally feel your pain because as an entrepreneur myself I work until late night and sleep late. So I have the struggle to wake up early in the morning for many years. And I know this is a bad habit because it affects my health and prevents me from achieving my high level of performance and productivity as an entrepreneur. So In this Video & Blog, I’m going to share with the 7 secrets that help you to build a powerful habit that last. This is the secrets that I have used daily and test it over and over in which help me to break any bad habit and created a new habit that last.

Secret 1 ) Have a Clear and Strong Why.
Let be honest here; we human being is a creature of habit. And we just have so many bad habits, and we just do it over and over for so many years without even realize. And it becomes a routine or bad habit that ingrain within us. So to break a bad habit and create a new one, it requires a strong commitment and focuses on you. You have to be very clear about your reason why you are committed to breaking this habit. What is your big WHY? Why are you doing this? Are you doing this because this bad habit prevents you to reach your financial goal or it stop you from personal happiness with your love one? For me, the decision to exercise daily and to sleep early & wake up early will help me to stay healthy, active, and super productive so I can achieve my personal and business goal faster. What about you? What is your reason why?

Secret 2 ) Commit to breaking one bad habit and add one new habit at a time. Break a bad habit require a lot of commitment, self-discipline and focus. The first seven to ten days into the process breaking a bad habit is hard and tired. Your mind and body are going to tell your all sort of things. It may tell you, This is bad and not good for you. Maybe you shouldn’t do this; you should quit. It is very important to keep on going. IF you fail or miss out on your schedule. Start over; it normally takes 30 days to break one bad habit and form a new one. This lead to secret number three

Secret 3) Get an accountable partner
Find a good friend, partner or a support group. Someone that have the same goal as you. Ask them to join you and commit to doing with you. This will keep you going and motivated when you feel like quitting.

Secret 4: Setup Trigger.
The trigger is anything thing that helps you or reminds you before you execute your habit. For example, let say if you want to workout everyday at 8 a.m in the morning. Now you can setup a trigger on your phone by having your alarm ring at 7 a.m or 7:30 am in the morning every day, and on your alarm say “ It is time to workout”  to help remind you of your work out at 8 a.m.

Let me give you another example, let say if you want to create a new habit to get to bed at 11 p.m everyday. What you want to do is setup your trigger alarm on your phone to ring at 10 p.m and on that phone message, it says “ Quit Everything you are doing, time to sleep”. I sometimes know the sound of alarm could be annoying, or this idea may sound silly, but it works.

Secret 5) Change Daily Routine.
Breaking a bad habit and form a new one it is not easy if it is easy you already see everyone doing it. So after setting up your trigger alarm, now you need to pay attention to your daily routine and change it. You have to change your daily routine to change a bad habit. For example, if you want to create a new habit of waking up early and exercise at 8 a.m in the morning. However, you have a bad habit of working on your computer or stay on Facebook until 2 a.m every night. So even though when your trigger alarm went on every night at 10 p.m to remind you of your sleeping time at 11 p.m, but you choose to ignore it .. and keep working on your computer or play on Facebook until 2 a.m everyday.  So if you want to break this bad habit and able to wake up early consistent in the morning to work out. You have to change your daily routine by discipline yourself to turn off your computer, get off facebook from your phone no matter what by 10 p.m when your trigger alarm when on.. And discipline yourself to get to bed by 11 p.m if you want to get up early and exercise tomorrow at 8 a.m… So Whatever bad habit you want to break, try to understand the existing bad habit and replace it or switch it with a new routine in place. The key is to test it out and readjust with the new routine until it fit you best.

Secret 6: Reward Yourself
It takes 30 days to break a bad habit and form a new one. So when you half way complete, give yourself a mini-reward, give yourself something that motivated you. And when you finally accomplish your 30 days goal to break that bad habit.. Give yourself a BIG REWARD for your big accomplishment. For me, I like to treat myself to a massage. You want to program and associate your mind with the pleasure. So that way when you ready to break a bad habit, your mind Is looking forward to another reward as a motivator. So take time to celebrate your win

Secret 7:  Use GoalTracker or Habitlist App to Track & Measure Your Progress Everyday

If you want to know your progress, the best way is to track and measure your progress daily.  The number never lie. If you just take only 1 minute per day to record down your progress in the App, Track it. This app will hold you accountable, keep you focus and help you to stay on track to break any bad habit. The key is you have to be able to see your progress and measure it, to improve it.

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